No Name Preworkout

Manufacturer: Insane Labz

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Insane Labz™ introduces the first ever pre workout product without a name! You can buy it and name it yourself using the writing utensil of your choice. Once you come up with a name and write it on the label itself, simply take a photo and post it on your social media wall or platform and #InsaneLabz for a chance to win $10,000 dollars worth of cash and prizes. This pre-workout has great ingredients such as our trademarked OxyGold™ that will help push your workouts to the next level and could potentially push you wallet to the next level as well. Great for energy, focus, and just throwing weight around at the gym. As always we make great products but also pride ourselves on innovation and community participation from all of you Asylum members.

Remember you must purchase this product to qualify for the contest and must #InsaneLabz in your post. NOW LETS GET CREATIVE!



Take a half scoop prior to workout to assess tolerance. Once tolerance has been assessed take one scoop prior to workout. Do not exceed the recommended dose.