Trenavol XT

Manufacturer: German Pharmaceuticals

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What it does?

This compound is perfect for a beginner who’s just starting training and wants something that will give them that competitive edge in fat loss, the key with trenavol XT is its ability to promote hard lean mass with absolutely zero estrogen conversion, meaning that you will be able to add mass without having to worry about developing hormonal issues, It is also perfect to combine with any pro-hormone to gain maximum results and potency whether it be bulking or cutting.

Another key feature is the DHEA within Trenavol which is a well researched supplement known to aid in thyroid health and function.

What is it and How does it effect you?

Trenavol XT is the only compound within out probolic range that contains more then one ingredient and its the combination of these two ingredients that make it such a special probolic! The first compound is Epiandrosterone, a well known metabolite of DHT and testosterone, known for its high androgenic affinity and thereby its ability to increase nitrogen retention and protein synthesis.

The second ingredient within Trenavol XT is DHEA, a well researched compound for improving thyroid and metabolic function, meaning that calories are broken down and utilised more efficiently when supplementing this product. This means that you will get better results form everything that you eat as food will be better absorbed due to higher thyroid function.

Who should take it?

This compound is an ideal testosterone boosting compound and can be used to improve general performance having such a long term effect on testosterone and DHT levels within the body.  We do however believe that this product should be used only on men due to its anti oestrogen and testosterone boosting properties.

We do not advise the use of these compounds for anyone under the age of 21.

How to take it?

As this compound is a unmethylated the body can handle very high dosages, We would advise dosages up to 500mg a day for Men.

Cycles of this compound are best run with another Pro-Hormone, trenavol XT can be run up to 12-16 weeks standalone and 8 weeks when stacked with any other compound.

Does it require Cycle Support?

Trenavol XT is unmethylated and has no side effects while increasing strength gains! Because of this, cycle support is not required on this product as it causes no strain on the liver.

Does it Require PCT?

The compound is researched to have very little effect on natural testosterone  when taking standalone a PCT would not be required unless taken for an excessive amount of time (cycles upwards of 16 weeks) would may require a PCT however a natural test booster such as testaflex would be needed.