Manufacturer: Hermes

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Minotaur contains 500 mg pure pharmaceutical Meldonium also known as Mildronate. It is a nootropic, vasodilator and CNS stimulant that can unlock your intellectual and physical potential. Mildronate is a structural analogue of gamma-butyrobetaine, a substance contained in every cell of the human body. Mildronate restores the balance between oxygen supply and demand in cells, and removes toxic metabolic products accumulated in cells protecting them from damage. It also possesses an invigorating stimulant effect. Oxygen delivery and utilization by both muscle and brain cells is enhanced.

Suggested Use:
As a general nootoropic take one 750mg capsule each morning. May increase to one 750mg capsule twice daily if desired and well tolerated. For improved athletic performance take 1 to 2 – 750mg capsules twice daily. Do not take within 8 hours of planned bedtime. DO NOT EXCEED FOUR CAPSULES A DAY.