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CHIMERA is a quick-acting concentrated and guaranteed potency yohimbe bark extract that has been standardized to 8% Yohimbine alkaloids. The compound blocks the alpha-2-adrenergic receptors in the body. Pep hormones like adrenalin and noradrenalin have effect when they attach themselves to adrenergic receptors. The body monitors whether there is too much adrenalin circulating via the alpha-2-adrenergic receptor. The more adrenalin molecules that stick to the alpha-2-adrenergic receptor, the more the body reduces the concentration of adrenalin and noradrenalin. Yohimbine blocks the receptor, and thus raises the concentration of these pep hormones in the body.Suggested Use:
As a dietary supplement, take one capsule in the morning and/or before training and one capsule in the evening, preferably on an empty stomach. DO NOT EXCEED TWO CAPSULES A DAY.
  • Serving size: One capsule
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  • Year: 2015