Manufacturer: German Pharmaceuticals

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What it does?

This is our premium bulking compound, if you wish to add size and strength then this is the best one to go for!

The mdrol compound is the best for making you add huge amounts in a short amount of time, if you wish to increase your lifts every week, then this is for you!

What is it and How does it effect you?

German Pharmaceuticals took Superdrol and using Azine bond technology, attached another Superdrol molecule to it and created their version of M-Drol! This Azine bond makes M-Drol a time release prohormone, allowing the power to surge through your body over a longer period of time compared to generic Superdrol. This increases your anabolic state to grounds never before reached, giving you huge gains in size, strength, increased vascularity and muscle fullness without water retention!

Because M-Drol uses time release technology, the liver is spared much of the damage that normal Superdrol creates. German Pharmaceuticals M-Drol has a lesser effect on the liver when compared to normal superdrol, this same technology reduces the chances of your bodies natural testosterone production being shut down.

With this being said it is also worth noting that the product will greatly increase testosterone in a short amount of time so run for smaller cycles.

Who should take it?

The best person to take this compound would be someone who wants to smash through size and strength plateaus and want to look big, full and feel strong. This is not advised for anyone under the age of 21 due to its effect on testosterone.

How to take it?

M-drol boasts a 10mg dosage, the advised dosage for this is 20mg a day for 4-6 weeks

we do not advise any more then 6 weeks on this compound.

Does it require Cycle Support?

As the product is methylated for it to be active it will evidentially cause some strain on the liver so for this reason we do advise that you take a minimum of milk thistle when on this cycle.

For those who wish to get a more advanced cycle support that will give you a more advanced cycle support and will even aid in improving the health of your liver we would advise Cycle Shield.

Does it Require PCT?

Based on the effect that this compound would have on your hormones we do advise a hormone recovery supplement, this well help return your hormones back to their normal potential whilst minimising the pro-hormones effect on the endocrine system.

For this compound on a basic cycle (anything up to 6 weeks) we would advise Clomadex.

For a more advanced cycle (anything beyond 6 weeks or more than 40mg a day) we would advise using an advanced hormonal recovery agent such as the Ultimate PCT or the Flex-a-Dex for a more advanced hormonal recovery.